A.I. Selections – A.I. Selections 4th Annual Portfolio Tasting

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A.I. Selections


Tuesday, March 12, 2013
10:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EDT)

About the company

A.I. Selections was started by two friends who had spent most of their lives in the restaurant industry, David Weitzenhoffer and Laura Supper. The guiding philosophy at the time was to work with good wine and good people.

About the wines

Our priority is to find wines that achieve beauty through balance, but also have the soul and character of the place from which it comes. Many of our producers are organic or biodynamic, but all of the people we work with have a fervent commitment to their vineyards as stewards of the land they work; like farmers everywhere, they understand better than anyone how inextricably tied we are to the earth.

What About The Name?

Acid Inc. refers to our belief that acidity is extremely important in wine. Years ago, ripeness was the problem-poor farming methods led to thin, unappealing flavors in wine. But by the 1990's, the vinifying world understood the concept of crop thinning and modern vinification methods. That combined with a global increase in temperature virtually eliminated thin wines, and gave way to wines with lack of focus, that are broad and meandering on the palate, high in alcohol, so rich they rendered finishing a bottle a chore. So it is not exactly 'acidity' that we seek on its own, but as a integral component that balances these wines, keeps the focus on the center of the palate, allows the wine to age longer, gives the wine a certain freshness, and is an excellent partner with food.