A style of rum that would have made your daiquiri in the 1930s...

Light white rums contributed to the explosion of popularity of cocktails like the Daiquiri in the post prohibition era. Unlike the white rums of today, which are often made from neutral or near neutral spirit, the white rums of the past had appreciable flavor.

For the first time in history, Probitas is a joint venture between Caribbean distilleries to produce a blended Rum.

Coming from two of the most iconic distilleries in two of the most respected islands in the Caribbean for Rum making - Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados, and Hampden Estate in Jamaica. Distilled, matured, blended and bottled in the Caribbean. No sugar, flavor, color, nor neutral/multi column spirit added. Bottled at a higher proof, 47% Alc/Vol, to showcase bold character, especially in cocktail.

Probitas brings a new gold standard to White Rum used for Cocktails.

Probitas is a blend of different rums, from different sources, blended by Master Distiller & Blender Richard Seale. While White Blended Rum has existed in many forms, this is the first time that a White Blended Rum has been made entirely in the Caribbean, and selected by the rum makers themselves.

  • Unaged Pot Still Rum from Hampden Estate in Jamaica, selected by Mr. Vivian Wisdom, Hampden’s Master Distiller at the time of blending
  • Unaged Coffey Still Rum from Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados, selected by Richard Seale
  • 2 Year Aged Pot Still Rum from Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados, selected by Richard Seale

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