Besserat de Bellefon

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Champagne, France

Edmond Besserat founded Besserat Champagne in 1843. After Edmond, his grandsons continued to build the reputation of the house. In 1920, Edmond Besserat, a grandson of the founder, married Yvonne de Meric de Bellefon, who came from another prestigious Champagne family, and the house of Besserat de Bellefon Champagne was born. The historic Bellefon Château is world-renowned, in Épernay, in the heart of the Champagne region. Bellefon has continued to be a leading European Champagne brand for over 150 years.

Named in honor of the early Benedictine monks who were instrumental in developing the Champagne method, the crémant winemaking technique creates a soft, creamy and packed with tiny bubbles champagne. The Cuvée des Moines is the Champagne especially created to accompany the most extraordinary oenological and gastronomic experiences. It is in the tasting that you will thus discover the Besserat de Bellefon «Sensation».

1930 was a historic turning point for Besserat de Bellefon, which was soon to become legendary. Victor Besserat took up the challenge laid down by the Director of a distinguished Parisian restaurant, the Samaritaine de Luxe, and crafted a delicate and lightly sparkling Champagne as a perfect accompaniment to an entire meal. This marked the birth of a range which is now
called the Cuvée des Moines in tribute to the Benedictine monks who first mastered the techniques of fermenting Champagne. This creamy flavoured Champagne, specifically designed for fine dining, was complemented by a rosé version in 1972 to the very great pleasure of all those who appreciate variety in food and wine pairing.

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