Gran Passione

Passion is a powerful feeling, a compelling emotion. "Gran Passione" is exactly this, the expression and devotion to our work that honors the tradition of our land. These wines honor the Italian winemaking traditions of the Veneto region.

The Gran Passione Rosso is crafted in the tra­dition of “Apassimento” (to dry and shrivel), the same style as Amarone wines of the region. This technique has its roots in an ancient past dating back to the Roman era. Over the centuries, this technique of “drying” the grapes before crushing has been honed, resulting in this unique ex­ pression of northern Italy.

Veneto is most commonly associated with beautifully elegant white wines and has over ninety thousand hectares under vine. Impressively, within that area, over a third of the vineyards in the Veneto region have been granted official AOC status. Gran Passione Bianco is a full-bodied white wine blend from the Veneto region in Northeast Italy near Venice.

Our Prosecco grapes are hand selected both for area of origin and overall quality. After fermentation is complete a second fermentation occurs by small additions of yeasts and sugar and takes place in glass lines tanks. This lasts for about 45 days and is known as the Martinotti- Charmat method process. The resulting wine has small bubbles (less “fizzy” than champagne).

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