To a Life of Plenty
California is the land of plenty. From vibrant cities, to splendid mountains, awe inspiring coastlines, and fertile vineyards. A place to invigorate the body and rejuvenate the spirit. To be with family and make new friends. A place to celebrate life’s rich bounty. Avalon wines are ideal for everyday drinking. As we craft Avalon, we meld ancient wine making techniques with modern technology. We combine thoughtful vineyard selection and intuitive wine making methods to create a selection of wines that are beautifully balanced and effortlessly enjoyable. Drink Avalon, to a life of plenty.

About Avalon
Avalon was established in 1991 and started out as a Cabernet based brand, over the years we’ve introduced a Red Blend, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. 2019 has brought on a new era for Avalon, with a new, updated and eye-catching packaging, new appellations and improvements to our wine profile. Avalon also takes initiative to be as environmentally responsible and sustainable throughout our winemaking process. We do this by installing glycol, hot and cold water and compressed air storage tanks to reduce our energy load and sourcing the greenest materials that deliver high quality wine. We are passionate about wines perfect for sharing and designed both the style of the wine and look of the packaging to complement every occasion. Avalon looks great on any table, and there is a style of wine to pair with any dish. Whether throwing an intimate dinner party or a large soiree there is no better choice than Avalon wines.

The Everyday Essential
Avalon wines are the perfect expression of nimble sourcing plus expert winemaking, equaling high quality, classic varietal wines at exceptional value. Bring Avalon wines to any social event; weddings, birthdays, holidays, or your favorite meal any day of the week.

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