Tortoise Creek

Melvyn and Janie Master are from England but both now US citizens. Mel has been in the wine business ever since leaving school and he met Janie when they were only twelve and thirteen (she played the piano and he played the guitar!) and as they grew up together, they shared a passion for food and wine. They married at 19 and 20.

The couple left England to live in France in 1970 and started a company called Master Wines and began selling little known French wines in the USA. Mel was a pioneer in bringing great wine values to the USA from France.

Mel and Janie now produce wines from California and France called Tortoise Creek, after their home many years ago in France which was called Le riseau de Tortue. They are amongst today’s most popular value wines and have received many accolades from the wine press.

Tortoise Creek is a range of wines that are blended by Mel and Janie and which come from small growers and wine makers who are making exceptional varietal wines, that are full of fruit and depth and character and representing amazing values. Most of the production of all Tortoise Creek wines comes from sustainably grown vineyards where no pesticides are used and yields are kept low.

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