Tiano & Nareno

The year is 1908. 20-year-old Sebastiano Accorrà and 18-year-old Nazzarreno Savina are leaving their native Italy, their villages and their families, and boarding a boat to make the great Atlantic crossing in search of new prospects and better lives. Their destination was Argentina, the southernmost tip of the planet, a far-off and unfamiliar land, full of mystery and promise. With its great open spaces and incredible generosity, Argentina opened its arms to immigrants from across Europe. This produced the migration trends of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that forged modern-day Argentina. An adage says: “The people of Latin American are descended from the Incas, Aztecs and Mayas; the Argentinians descended from the boats. Sebastiano, known as Tiano, and Nazzareno, known as Nareno, landed at the port of Buenos Aires in the summer of 1908, after 18 days at sea. But the city was not their final destination. They still had over 600 miles westward to travel before arriving in the region of Mendoza, a land where vines had been cultivated at the foot of the imposing Andes Mountains for hundreds of years. Mendoza was the place where Tiano and Nareno set up their homes and founded their families.

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