Three Bridges

In search for a better life, in 1945 Domenico Calabria and his son, Francesco, left Italy, boarding a ship named "Romello" and setting sail for Australia. They settled in the Riverina region and found work as farm hands. Once enough money was saved, Francesco wrote to his wife to join him in the land he often referred to as the "Richland". They purchased a 5-acre farm in Griffith which is located in the Riverina region of New South Wales and settled with their seven children. Thirty years later, Bill Calabria, Francesco’s son, has been joined by his four children in the business at Calabria Family Wines. He has grown his Riverina base, making consistent, high quality wines from several premium wine growing regions.

The Three Bridges name represents a very important part of Calabria family history and also embodies Australian history. The “Three- Way Bridge” structure, which was adjacent to the historic Calabria Winery, was built in the early 1900s and used as an overpass for vehicles and foot traffic. The river which ran under the three-way bridge was used to supply water from the famous Snowy Mountains in Australia. It is these veins of water that feed the vast agricultural lands of Australia.

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