Domaine Ponsot

Vineyard Brands has a 40+ year history of buying wines from Domaine Ponsot - first from Hippolyte Ponsot and then from his son Jean-Marie and more recently from Laurent and his sister, Rose-Marie. In 1872, William Ponsot purchased a wine estate in Morey-Saint-Denis and set-up his home there. His major parcels of land at that time were the Clos des Monts-Luisants and Clos de la Roche. His nephew and godson, Hippolyte Ponsot, took over the Domaine in 1920 ater completing his career as a diplomat. In 1932, he started bottling his entire harvest at the domaine, which was a rarity in that time. Throughout the 1940s, his son Jean-Marie farmed the vineyards and made wine in collaboration with him. He took over when Hippolyte retired in 1957. Laurent Ponsot started working with his father Jean-Marie on the family estate in 1981 and became its manager together with his sister, Rose-Marie Ponsot. He set up a new sales system, diversified the sale of all bottled production, and made wines with an emphasis on total authenticity. In 1997, the siblings took over the management of the estate. Laurent was responsible for the day-to-day running of the domaine until he stepped down in 2017 to concentrate on personal ventures. Today, Rose-Marie is the sole director of the company, seconded by Alexandre Abel.

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