At Muirwood Vineyards, we are inspired by the legacy of John Muir, who sought to preserve the wilderness for future generations. With four generations of California farming in harmony with nature, we have great respect for the land and take a long-term perspective. We believe in nurturing the land so that it may bear fruit for generations to come.

Seeing potential early on, the Zaninovich family pioneered vineyard plantings in Monterey County during the 1970s. establishing vineyards in different growing areas of the Arroyo Seco AVA. Starting in 1971 with Suter, the home ranch, Zanetta Ranch in 1988 and Wiley Ranch in 1998. Each vineyard, down to individual vineyard blocks, possesses its own unique microclimate and soils, producing distinctively flavorful and complex wines.

Muirwood Winemaker Christophe “Cris” Legrandjacques, was born in Champagne and lived on three continents: France, Africa, and North America. Drawing from his classical winemaking training in Burgundy and Bordeaux as well as new world winemaking techniques, Cris takes a fresh approach with Muirwood wines. He works closely with Vice President of Vineyard Operations Roger Moitoso to ensure that each Muirwood wine expresses the special character of our vineyards.

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