Convite Mezcal

Convite is rooted in celebration: Named for the Oaxacan colloquialism meaning “invitation to feast," this distinctive mezcal embodies the warmth that comes from sharing with those around us. It is the spirit of convite, full of flavor, life, and joy. It pays homage to its Oaxacan heritage, from the generations-old process that transforms wild agave into our premium mezcal to the design of its bottle evoking an etched clay pot. Yet for all of its artisanal qualities and the craft that creates each glass, Convite is, at its heart, about connection: The threads of a rich heritage that create the fabric of the San Baltazar Guelavila community from which it comes, the ties between the past and the present, and the feeling of gratitude and euphoria that comes when we join together in celebration. CONVITE is proud to be a 100% Oaxacan industry.

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