English Harbor

Aged expressions of rum by the distillery that brought rum production back to Antigua in 1932. Antiguan rum dates back to the early 1700s, with records showing sales to the United States, or what would become the United States, in the 1720s. Although rum production had ceased on Antigua, the locals still had a taste for it, leading to the establishment of "rum shops". Rum shops would import rums from Barbados and concoct their own blends using different rums and spices. The blends would carry colorful brand names, such as Red Cock and Silver Leaf, and customers would bring in their own bottles to be filled. Rum shops still exist today, but are extremely rare as they became associated with drunkness over the years and traditional bars became more popular.

In 1932, a group of Portuguese rum shop owners joined together to create Antigua Distillery Ltd., initially producing rum under the Cavalier label. In 1993, the English Harbour brand was created, and with the launch of the five year old in 2001, aged rums became their focus.

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