F. Meyer

The tiny hamlet of Hohwarth is located in the Ville Valley. There are some 10,000 inhabitants spread through the valley, though fewer than 1,000 live in Hohwarth. It was here in 1958 that Fridolin Meyer founded F. Meyer. In 1976, Fridolin's son Jean-Claude Meyer joined the company, and today the third generation, Arnaud and Lionel Meyer, manages the operations of the distillery. The distillery is still located at the same place in Hohwarth, though a second building was recently added across the street from the original, and the stills are now located there along with some maturation tanks.

Fruit is sourced both locally and from neighboring countries. The Alsace region is known for its orchard fruit, particularly cherries and plums. Fermentation occurs for six weeks in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks ranging from 200 to 400 hectoliters. A pair of new 1,000-liter German copper pot stills was purchased in 2004, and the fermented fruit is double-distilled. Maturation takes place in steel tanks for two to five years, followed by filtering and bottling on-site.

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