Hine Cognac

Hine has a great passion for cognac. They are devoted to quality and excellence in the art of making cognac — the story of our time-honoured traditions and our quest for innovation too. Savouring a HINE cognac takes you on a sensory voyage; a sensuous, evocative experience redolent with spicy, floral, fruity and oriental notes — like the finest perfume. Indeed, tasting a HINE cognac is an art and an art de vivre: we hope very much that you will enjoy sharing and relishing many special HINE moments with close friends and acquaintances.

Since 1763, the enchanting style of its elegant cognacs has formed the essence of HINE's prestige. Ageing in French oak barrels with delicate tannins, HINE cognacs evolve their delicate fruity aromas and subtle perfumes.
A HINE Cognac, like a fine perfume, takes you on a journey of discovery, a sensuous and evocative experience.

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