Lot 40

The ultimate expression of Canadian Rye Whisky, Lot 40 is 100% rye grain that is made the old-fashioned way – distilled in a traditional copper pot still one batch at a time to preserve the notes that truly define rye whisky.

Lot 40 is the Canadian whisky that showcases the full gamut of flavors of rye grain. No other grain produces flavors as bold, distinctive and varied as rye, and with a mash bill of 100% un-malted rye sourced locally from farms in southern Ontario, Lot 40 represents Canadian rye whisky in its purest form. Lot 40 is once column distilled then once copper pot distilled to concentrate the rye’s grain character. It is then barreled and aged in charred virgin oak. The use of virgin oak barrels provide higher vanilla, toffee and caramel notes than you would
obtain from traditional American bourbon barrels. Lot 40 provides the perfect alternative to all classic whiskey cocktail recipes.

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