Belasco de Baquedano

Making wine is a process that has many important stages. The scene for the first stage begins with the vineyard. Harvesting follows. Then finally, the grape is brought into the winery to be treated under the best winemaking techniques. These special moments conclude when the entire process delivers a wine that embodies the personality of its region. Familia Belasco has been doing this for eight generations. The vineyards were planted in 1910 on soils of alluvial origin with a pebbly subsoil and sandy-silty-clay sediments. This, together with a high plantation density and the work of our technical team ensures very low yields and top-quality grapes, with all the properties and typical characteristics of the Malbec varietie. Together with the work undertaken in restoring the vineyards, various tending practices are applied during the growth cycle to assure optimum quality berries.

The Belasco de Baquedano winery applies the most advanced meanss for carrying out every process involved in making its wines. For instance, the winery is equipped with a cold room to adapt berry temperature after picking and a manual selection line. The grapes are vatted through gravity, without pumpoing, to ensure the berries arrive undamaged in the tank. Vinification is carried out in French oak vats and small stainless steel tanks, with cold and hot temperature regulation. The winery also has vertical presses, small air-conditioned casks rooms where malactic fermentation takes place and French oak casks for ageing

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