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Speyburn Distillery, Rothes, Aberlour, Banffshire, AB38 7AG

Speyburn is a light, natural, sweet, classic Speyside whisky. It is Speyside. Nothing more. Nothing less.

120 years since distilling the first drop, Speyburn is now more than a whisky. Bold, bright and full of character, our Speyside single malts are as inspiring to newcomers as they are to seasoned whisky enthusiasts, allowing everyone, everywhere to enjoy the beautiful simplicity of Speyside. Today Speyside proudly symbolizes all that is special about this great region. To celebrate Speyside, we currently offer a range of expressions; Bradan Orach, Speyburn 10 Years Old, Speyburn Arranta Casks, Speyburn Companion Cask, Speyburn 15 Years Old and Speyburn 18 Years Old. Whichever Speyburn offering is selected, you can expect to enjoy the classic taste of Speyside in every dram. After all, Speyburn is Speyside.

Speyside founder, John Hopkins discovered a unique spot, in the heart of Speyside, ideal for making exceptionally smooth whisky. The region was already famous for its whisky however what John Hopkins brought to Speyside was an innovative spirit and the determination to do things right. In 1897 Queen Victoria was celebrating the 60th year of her reign and Hopkins, never one to let a celebration go to waste, set himself a challenge. He said he could build a distillery and craft a whisky in time to toast the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

While hunting for the perfect spot for his distillery, Hopkins discovered the Granty Burn - an untouched stream hidden in a secluded Speyside valley. He knew that the exceptionally pure water of this burn would produce a remarkable whisky with a naturally refreshing character. Then, enlisting the help of world famous innovator and architect, Charles C. Doig, they designed a building that worked within the constraints of the land.

These narrow glens aren’t a common spot for distilleries and for good reason. Space was a precious commodity and every last inch had to pull its weight, it’s fair to say, Hopkins’ task was not easy. He had to be resourceful and open-minded. Equally, though, it was an opportunity he could not afford to pass up. Instead of building out, he built our distillery up through the trees. Instead of one vast drying floor, he raised his malt upwards using layer upon layer of mesh, infusing it with the vibrancy of the Speyside air.

On the last night of the year, Hopkins and his team toiled through a storm of Arctic proportions to craft a whisky in time to toast the Queen’s Jubilee. Determined that their first bottle would bear the year 1897 on its label, the men battled against the elements wearing overcoats and mufflers to protect them from the freezing snow. After hours of hard work and with heroic efforts of his distillery men, Hopkins finally triumphed and was rewarded with the first barrel of Speyburn whisky.

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