Il Grappolo

Azienda Agricola Il Grappolo emerged in the 1920s as a diverse, small family-owned farm with a mix of grape vines, wheat and peach orchards sustaining the Tardivel family. With time, and Brunello di Montalcino earning its DOCG in the 1980s, today the 61-acre estate still only grows Sangiovese – with the majortify of production for Brunello. Sassocheto, is the best single vineyard of Brunnello producing only 1 large cask of juice in the best of vintages.

On these steep, densely planted hillside vineyards, Sangiovese thrives in the hot, dry climate of Tuscany. Barely 50 miles from the hustle and bustle of Florence, Montalcino stands perched a mere 30 miles from the Tyrrhenian Sea, a broad stretch of water between Italy and Sardinia. This is agricultural land perfect for Sangiovese. A few miles north and French varietals are more commonplace but around Montalcino --- Sangiovese is king. And in these parts, Sangiovese is known as Brunello. The vines enjoy optimal exposure, a temperate climate influenced by the nearby sea, with hot, dry summers and consistent breezes, and Tuscan pebble-rich, schistose soils composed of decomposed rocks of galestro, alberese and sandstone. These conditions ensure a gradual, complete ripening of the clusters and give the wines rich flavors and elegance, heightened by aging in oak.

The roots of Tenuta Il Grappolo go deep into the past millennium. The Brunello vineyards grow on a broad terrace, worked by the ancient Etruscans, that faces south towards Monte Amiata and west towards the valleys of the Maremma. Roman settlements rose on the hill that dominates the estate, and in the Middle Ages the fields probably belonged to estates dating back to the 12th Century. Subsequent political and economic events brought the area under the control of the Republic of Siena, including Sant’Angelo in Colle, with its long tradition of winegrowing

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