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Abruzzo, Veneto

Mercato – Italian for market – is fitting for this proprietary line of Uva Imports wines. While we all thrill at the experience of tasting Italy’s premium wines, there is no doubt that some of our most memorable wine experiences came tapped from unmarked kegs in markets, an Osteria and even simple, tiny alimentary.

That is the goal for these value-driven, ready to drink wines. Whether enjoying the red (Carne) or white (Pesce), the experience should be the same – a highly enjoyable, approachable glass that expresses the essence of Italian winemaking and wine culture.

Each vintage varies slightly from the blend used in the last but each bottling is blended by and has oversight from Adam Richard, founder of Uva Imports and the Winemaking consult of Paolo Demarie. Utilizing relationships with growers and knowledge of the Italian wine industry, you can be assured that Mercato will consistently deliver on its goals.

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