Domaine Thomas & Fils

The Thomas family has been growing grapes and making wine in Sancerre since 1670. Today, Julien represents the 13th generation to run the Domaine, farming 16 hectares (39 acres) of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir based out of the hamlet of Verdigny. The estate represents three unique soil types expressed in each of their bottlings. The wines of Domaine Thomas are not shy, but express great texture and length with assertive full flavors. Julien has recently taken the helm at the estate and has instituted biodynamic principals and is carving out a new, more natural path for the future of the Thomas family.

“Our philosophy, Biodynamie, is to help the vine to reveal its terroir for a more personal expression of our wines. It is also a way of cultivating and respecting the environment. It is putting the vine at the heart of our priorities, creating a link between the vine and the winemaker. Tillage maintains the balance and allows better microbial activity and also a better infiltration of the water. The use of natural elements in the conduct allows the fauna and flora to develop in harmony. Plowing forces the vines to root more deeply and will thus look for “terroir” which is best expressed in grapes and wines. These treatments favor the development of indigenous yeasts, key to the aromas and typicality of the wine, unlike the use of foreign yeasts that guide the aromas and end up standardizing the wines.”

“The aim of the biodynamic winemaker, through its vine culture, is to produce a high quality wine and, above all, a real pleasure to drink.”

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