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We are excited to introduce Joanna Dubrawska and the Maninalto project to the U.S. for the first time.

Joanna got her start in winemaking working at the COS winery in Sicily where she learned from natural winemaker, Giusto Occhipinti. The result of those years is a rule, in Joanna’s words, that makes Manialto such a unique story – a story so very different from typical winemaker and wine estate tales. The rule? Make each vintage with a different grape from different wine regions – making every vintage a “limited edition,” The goal is to answer the question: Did winemaker really leave her mark on the wine of is it merely the impact of terroir?

After 5 years at COS her wine journey took her to the Cazottes family vineyards in the remote southwestern corner of France. The Cazottes family works with unique varieties: Mauzac Rosé, Prunelart or Jurancon Noir. Those rarities play right into Joanna’s philosophy. The 2018 Maninalto vintage is an “orange” wine made from a very rare mutation of Mauzac Blanc called, Mauzac Rosé. The majority of the wine is aged in amphorae for 5 months on the skins. 10 percent of the wine was made with the same grapes but with traditional direct pressing.

This special nomadic project is all about sharing and connecting with friends and like-minded people. This project is about learning and exploring the beauty earth has to offer us. Maninalto in Italian means, “hands up,” a reference to the grape vines being the hands of the earth, offering up the fruit of its labor. There is also a more playful meaning to this word as well, as in answering the question: “Hands up, who would like some wine?” Yes, please!

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