Columbia Crest Winery

At Columbia Crest, we are dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of Washington winemaking through an unwavering commitment to producing outstanding, approachable wines.

In 1983 Columbia Crest opened its doors in the heart of Washington state’s Horse Heaven Hills. Nestled alongside the Columbia River in eastern Washington, Columbia Crest is the Northwest’s largest winery and one of the world’s most highly acclaimed.

Columbia Crest delivers handcrafted, superior-quality, small-lot wines, as well as affordable everyday Washington wines. The first release in 1984 started a tradition that established Columbia Crest as one of America’s most popular and fast-growing wineries. Year after year, the winery maintains its commitment to quality, heritage and innovation in grape growing and winemaking to craft exceptional wines. With a large body of acclaim, including Wine Spectator’s #1 Wine in the World in 2009, Columbia Crest winery delivers a steadfast promise with each bottle — world-class wines from a world-class wine region.

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