Daftmill Distillery

Daftmill Distillery is situated near Cupar in Fife, making it one of nine active Lowland distilleries. The distillery was commissioned in 2005, though only began production in earnest in 2006. The business is owned by Francis and Ian Cuthbert whose family has farmed the land since the 1980s. Despite having a full stock portfolio the business only began releasing their whisky at 12 years old in 2018.

Daftmill is a true farm distillery with a unique production schedule. All the barley used for production is farmed by Francis Cuthbert on the estate. The whisky is all distilled by Francis in the farm off-season; two months in summer and two month in winter – this is a very traditional way of running a distillery that hasn’t been seen in Scotland since the 1800s. Daftmill is also one of Scotland’s smallest distilleries by output, distilling only 20,000 LPA or about 100 casks per year.

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