Symbolizing the timeless tradition of sharing wine between good friends and family, the ‘Pikorua’ represented on our label is a Maori eternity icon traditionally given as an offering of friendship. It resembles two (‘rua’) intertwined pikopiko ferns– the pale green new-growth frond that thrives in shady, damp areas of New Zealand’s woods. The ferns represent two people traveling their own path of life but always coming back together because of their strong bond.

Pikorua Sauvignon Blanc delivers the hallmarks of the now world-famous Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Refreshingly crisp, it delivers bright, tropical fruits with a touch of gooseberry and lightly herbal notes. We recommend enjoying Pikorua Sauvignon Blanc with good friends and family, whether on its own or with lighter flavored dishes, oysters, poultry or spicy, Asian-influenced meals.

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