Château Castel des Maures

The slopes of the Sauvebonne Valley, in the French Riviera, are home to the family-owned Castel des Maures vineyard. Spanning 14 acres, the rows of grape varietals are separated by ancient olive trees. The scene is beautiful, a match for the lovely salmon pink color of the famous wine made here: Rosé Wine AOP Cotes de Provence. This beloved fruity and dry wine pairs wonderfully with coastal Mediterranean dishes.

Rosé Wine AOP Cotes de Provence has been designated a “Rosé d’exception” for its meticulous production process. It is only made in small quantities, and every stage of the “fermentation à froid” method is closely monitored. The winemakers insist that every grape yield maximum flavor to ensure fans of the wine experience maximum enjoyment.

Try a wonderful Rosé carefully crafted along France’s Mediterranean coast.

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