The tale of Australia’s wine industry has a handful of main characters. One of those is Samuel McWilliam. He believed the soil and climate of New South Wales was highly conducive to growing exceptional grapes. To test his theory, in 1877, he planted vines along the Murry River. When he retired in 1891, his Sunnyside Vineyard was already producing an array of worthy wines. Just 20 years later, in 1897, the family earned their first wine accolade at the national Competition for District Wines. The family passion for winemaking was ignited.

In 1913, eldest son Jack acquired 50,000 vine cuttings and the family had to quickly expand irrigation capabilities. They purchased an additional farm and shipped grapes to Junee by rail for processing. In 1917, the McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate winery was commissioned, and the family processed 170 tonnes in that first year. Six generations later, the McWilliams are still producing some of the most renowned Australian wines, heralded for their exceptional character and premium quality.

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