Principe Corsini

Florence, Italy is a city steeped in history. The Corsini family has been an integral part of that history since 1373. That year, Andrew Corsini became Bishop of Fiesole and was eventually venerated as Saint Andrew Corsini, three hundred years after his death. The Corsini family’s influence was not exclusively devoted to the church, but rather permeated all aspects of Tuscan culture from politics to art. The family purchased land. They built castles. Lorenzo Corsini became Pope Clemente XII in 1730 and Tommaso Corsini elevated himself to the VIII Prince of Sismano in the early 20th century. Amidst all of these accomplishments, the family was also quite adept at making wine.

Principe Corsini Wines are produced at Villa Le Corti in Chianti Classico and at the Marsiliana Estate in Maremma. The various labels exude the distinct flavors and aromas of Tuscany. It is the intent of current family members to produce “wines that subtly seduce like a beautiful landscape.” For those who have tasted these notable Tuscan wines, it is love at first sip.

Discover these elegant wines from a family whose history is as intriguing as their wines’ bouquets.

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