Limoncello di Capri

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Campania City, Italy

For over a hundred years, tourists have ventured to Italy’s island of Capri for the rugged seaside vistas, designer shops and the refreshing taste of Limoncello. The drink, once the exclusive beverage of the Mariantonia Hotel, was invented by its hospitable owner Vincenza Canale from wild lemons growing on the island. She would pour a glass for her patrons every evening, which they would enjoy while watching the sunset.

In 1988, Vincenza’s grandchildren patented the term limoncello and launched a company to produce the liqueur. They still rely on their nonna’s original recipe, and comply with strict guidelines calling for the exclusive use of Limone di Sorrento Protected Geographical Indication peels. Limoncello di Capri eschews all preservatives, stabilizers and artificial colorings. The family keeps a watchful eye over production from raw lemons to crisp, delicious drink. Visitors to Capri are welcome to view how this distinct drink is made and enjoy a glass as the sun sets over the Mediterranean.

Try this luxurious beverage from Italy’s famed isle.

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