Banks Beer

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It was a breezy island day on September 7, 1961 when Guyanese entrepreneur Peter D’Aguiar realized his dream of launching a brewery. The doors opened, the sun streamed in and Banks (Barbados) Brewery began producing a beer infused with the island’s spirit. A few years later, Banks Brewery started exporting its popular beverages to neighboring islands. By 1973, the company had secured the rights to perpetual use of the Banks name throughout the English-speaking Caribbean. In 2008, Banks Brewery headed north to introduce millions of Americans to its renowned Caribbean lager. Beer connoisseurs across the nation gave Banks a welcome reception.

Since that fateful day in September, Banks has evolved into a Barbadian manufacturing icon. The brewery offers tours of its state-of-the-art facility for those wishing to experience the production process responsible for the #1 Beer of Choice in Barbados. With over 50 million bottles of beer produced annually, Banks is a true, local craft beer with vast global appeal.

Set sail and discover the award-winning Banks Beer from Barbados.

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