Coopers Brewery

The family behind Coopers Brewery likes to say, “Practice makes perfect.” Many of the brewery’s ardent fans would agree 150 years of practice has led to beer perfection. It all began in 1862 in the young colony of South Australia. A modest man, named Thomas Cooper, resurrected a family recipe to create a tonic for his ailing wife. The ale he brewed turned out to be less of a medicinal miracle and more of flavorful beer. It soon became quite popular among the sick, as well as the healthy.

Six generations later, the brewery’s naturally conditioned ales and stouts are enjoyed by a global audience. Members of the family have made small adjustments to Thomas’ original recipe, as well as incorporated cutting-edge brewery technologies to increase production and ensure consistent quality. Nonetheless, the spirit of the original brew has never changed. Production begins with four simple ingredients: malt, hops, water and yeast, artfully combined into ales, stouts and lagers. Like all good things in life, the beers of Coopers Brewery are pure and simple pleasures.

Enjoy the naturally conditioned ales and stouts produced by Australia’s oldest family owned and operated brewery.

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