Croizet Cognac

The name Croizet originates from the coin maker of the King’s coinage in France which was the origins of the Croizet family before making Cognac, a cross was the signature on the coin in Medieval times rather than the King’s head, hence the word Croizet, derived from the word “Croix” which means Cross in French which led to the famous slogan, ” Where there is Croizet there is always money.” Cognac Croizet was established in 1805 by Leon Croizet then sommelier to Napolean Bonaparte’s High Command with his reliance on his family’s holding of the famous vineyards situated in Saint Meme Les Carrieres in its most prestigious area, Grande Champagne. Today, the vineyards span 320 plus hectares. A visionary, Leon Croizet’s passion, was to create cognac of unsurpassed quality at a time when only 20 produces existed in Cognac, France.

Croizet was instrumental in saying the cognac industry through its efforts in slowing down the spread of the deadly Phylloxera Blight, which in the 1870s decimated the global wine industry and led to many grape varieties becoming extinct. Croizet build stone walls called “Le Clos” which still exist today at its famous original vineyard called “Le Clos” which prevented the widespread destruction of the Cognac industry. For these efforts Benjamin Leon Croizet was awarded the highest award in France, only given to national heroes, the World Famous Legion of Honour in 1883. Only two generations later, Cognac Croizet was established as one of the leading Cognac produces in the late 19th Century. The founder’s son Benjamin Leon Croizet, took Cognac Croizet onto the world stage. Croizet’s philosophy has always been the pursuit of the finest quality which is evident from the many awards that Cognac Croizet has received.

Croizet was acquired by new owners whom realized the potential of Cognac Croizet. The new investment brought this spectacularly exquisite cognac back onto the world stage. And with a famous 9th Generation Cellar Master, Cognac Croizet continues the philosophy of delivering Cognac’s of uncompromising quality.

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