Kawatsuru Sake Brewing

Crane of Paradise by Kawatsuru

Kawatsuru Brewery

Known for its rice-driven style with elegant, rich texture, Kawatsuru pays respect to the crane that symbolizes longevity and good fortune.
The brewery president recently promoted longtime female brewery employee, Miki Fujioka, to become the toji. Miki-san is married with two young children (almost unheard of in the sake industry). She is serious, soft-spoken, and incredibly hardworking. Her sake is characteristically round and feminine.

Tasting Notes
Juicy notes of grapefruit and freshly cut grass, with a hint of salted pineapple. Crisp, dry finish with an almost effervescent energy behind it.

Kawatsuru is imported by Vine Connections - the leading artisan Japanese sake importer in the US

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