ATANCE is a venture from Bodegas Mustiguillo as they step outside of their small Vino de Pago of El Terrerazo and into the broader DO of Valencia.
A= Acidity ( Acidez )
TAN= Taninos ( Tanins )
CE= Calcáreo Especial ( Specially Chalky )

The commitment to quality remains the same as Bodegas Mustiguillo, offering remarkable value. In the late 1990’s, Toni Sarrion began a one man crusade to save the indigenous variety Bobal and coax it from obscurity and rusticity to the forefront of truly world class wines. Ever evolving and pushing the quality level forward, Toni and Bodegas Mustiguillo have been widely recognized as one of Spain’s best wineries, including Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wineries of 2012.

VALENCIA | The Vino de Pago El Terrerazo lies within the DO Valencia, vines for Atance are primarily from in and around the town of Requena. This area is characterized by higher elevation vineyards, up to 700 meters on primarily limestone and sandy soils. The climate is Mediterranean with a strong continental influence with drastic diurnal shifts in temperature and contrasting winds from the sea to the east and hot La Mancha to the west.

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