Domaine du Chêne

In 1985, Dominique and Marc Rouvière bought a five and a half hectare property in Chavanay in the heart of the northern Rhône. Over the next decade, they invested in significant renovations both in the vineyards and winery. Today, the estate is 16 hectares in Saint-Joseph and Condrieu. Dominique and Marc’s children, Anaïs and Julien, joined their parents in 2012.

SAINT-JOSEPH || Saint-Joseph, in the Northern Rhône, sits on the right bank of the river on the 45th parallel. From Chavanay in the north to Guilherand in the south, the vineyards span 30 miles planted on steep hillsides that have been carved into terraces since ancient times. In the northern area, the vines are subjected to a semi-continental climate and grapes are picked later, while the southern zone is more temperate with a Mediterranean climate. Granite is the main element in the soil composition with some gneiss and marls in certain areas.

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