DiT Celler

Dani Sánchez (from Azul y Garanza in Navarra) founded DIT Celler - the first certified organic wines of Montsant - with Toni Coca and recently took over the project solo. The vineyards, Mas d’En Fornós and Guiamets, surround the mountains of the natural park Llaberia in Priorat. The local name for the soil type is “pinyolencs,” which contain small stones (they resemble olive pits – the meaning of pinyolenc) and are rich in calcium, giving acidity and freshness to the wines. The weather can get quite warm in summer time, but every summer afternoon a wind coming from the Mediterranean called “Marinada” cools down the temperature.

MONTSANT || This relatively new DO (approved in 2001) forms a horseshoe around the Priorat region, taking its name from the rocky massif of Monsant. The vineyards fall in spectacularly beautiful hilly countryside, scattered between olive groves (producing excellent quality oil), forest and bare mountain peaks. Soils here are limestone and loam over a granite and slate base.

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