When the Valkyries flew in to Cariñena we were dumbfounded by the sight of such a small town surrounded by ancient plots of old vine Garnacha and post haste began a massive blending session with winemaker, Ana Becoechea. We were thrilled to be able to play with blending components from 90 year old vine Garnacha. The result is our custom cuvee project, named Lechuza, for the owls that are so prevalent in the area.

CARIÑENA | The Cariñena designation of origin is the oldest D.O. of Aragon, the first in Spain and home to some of the oldest vines in the country. Vineyards are located around the central part of the Ebro River in the same locations prized by the Romans when they occupied Iberia. The vines are bush pruned and suffer from cold nights and warm days, perfect for the phenolic development of the grapes, and the retention of high acidity.

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