De Martino

De martino

In 1934, Pietro De Martino Pascualone arrived to Chile from his native Italy and founded Viña De Martino in Isla de Maipo, located 31 miles from Santiago between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Today, the 3rd and 4th generations of the De Martino family carry forth and build upon the family legacy. Their mission of “Reinventing Chile” represents their active role as a leader at the forefront of winemaking innovation in Chile, with a commitment to resurrecting ancient vineyards, embracing indigenous grape varieties, and promoting Chile as a producer of world class wines.

With more than 740 acres of estate-owned organic vineyards, winemaker Marcelo Retamal, a terroir-hunter, has scoured Chile in pursuit of site-specific vineyards best suited to specific grape varieties. Estate and grower fruit from a repertoire of 20 family growers in 8 appellations is used to create a portfolio of varietally accurate, full-bodied, and elegant wines with unique characteristics that are a true reflection of their origin.

In an effort to naturally express these elements, De Martino adheres to the following set of principles:
◾Produce wines that are a clean, honest expression of the varietal and the land, in part by using native yeasts.
◾Produce approachable, balanced wines that easily pair with food by avoiding late harvests which lower acidity, but raise alcohol levels.
◾Eliminate the use of new French oak barrels for aging to enhance freshness, balance, and accentuate the natural varietal characteristics.

In 1998, De Martino embarked on a pioneering project to convert their traditional viticultural practices to 100% organic out of respect for the land. De Martino celebrated their first harvest of certified organic grapes in 2001; today, they are the second largest producer of organic wines in Chile.

Showcasing Chile’s diversity, the De Martino portfolio is globally recognized for outstanding quality.

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