Momento Wines by Marelise Niemann

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Momento wines was born in 2011 from inspired travels of the great world of wine and its vineyard sited, especially the ancient vineyards of the Old World. Based in the beautifully authentic and diverse Bot River region of South Africa, which winemaker and proprietor Marelise Niemann has called home since 2007. Niemanns goal in winemaking is to reflect every single element involved – both human and natural – from the people, personalities, ideas and experiences; to the sun, soil, water and earth.

What started out as a curious Grenache bottling has grown into a wonderfully exciting venture of exploration and discovery—vinifying unique and honest wines. With a winemaking approach that is gentle and ‘hands-off’, Niemann respects the grape and its place, and allows the wine to express its own character and origin. At Momento, Niemann is privileged to work with vines from all corners of the Cape, where she searches for unique parcels that truly express the region and soil where it is grown; mostly from older and sometimes dryland bush vines.

In conjunction with the Grenache, a Tinta Barocca and Chenin/Verdelho has been added to the Momento range.

Region: Bot River

Year Founded: 2013

Proprietors: Marelise Niemann

Winemaker: Marelise Niemann

Size of property: Cellar space is rented from Gabrielskloof Winery in Bot River, and grapes are sourced from vineyards all over the Western Cape.

Terroir: Bot River and Swartland

Annual Production: Current vintages: White: 2,400 x 750ml; Red: 3,100 x 750ml (1,200 Grenache, 1,900 Tinta Barocca). Total amount: 5,500 x 750ml bottles. In 2015 the numbers will increase to about 4,000 white bottles and 5,000 red bottles.

Varieties Cultivated: White: Chenin blanc and Verdelho (blended); Red: Grenache and Tinta Barocca

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