Domaine d'Arton

In the heart of Gascony, on the plateau of Lectoure, the Domaine d’Arton covers just over 50 hectares. The Domaine has been restored, planted, and managed since the 1970’s - now producing several quality wines, and rare Haut-Armagnac, in this unique and distinctive region of France.

Les Réserves d’Arton represent a 30 year partnership between Château Arton, known for their award winning Haut-Armagnacs, and Cherry Rocher, the oldest distillery in France (est. 1705) specializing in the distillation of fruit brandies. These expressions showcase the agricultural bounties of the Dordogne region, located in Southwestern France.

Each is produced according to Cherry Rocher’s unique expertise and based upon specifications by Patrick de Montal of Arton – exclusive to that particular fruit to obtain the best expression of its essence.

Creme de Péche de Vigne is produced from vine ripened peaches, Poire Ancienne from a melange of traditional varieties of fresh pear, and Vielle Prune du Perigord from fresh plums.

All fruits are grown within the Dordogne on private orchards, and brandies produced using a completely natural fermentation process. The “prune” is additionally matured for 6 months in used Armagnac casks.

Les Reserves d'Arton - Eaux de Vies & Liqueur:
- Créme de Peche de Vigne (Peach Liqueur), 15% ABV, 750mL
- Poire Passe Crassane Eau de Vie (Pear), 42% ABV, 750mL
- Vielle Prune du Perigord Eau de Vie (Black Plum), 42% ABV, 750mL

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