Sourced from exceptional but lesser known vineyards along California's Central Coast, where exceptional grapes can still be found at reasonable prices. Austerity wines are grown for greatness. Expressive, fruit forward and relentlessly perfected, Austerity's distinctive Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon born from rising appellations - including Monterey and Paso Robles - deliver modern elegance at an attractive value. This is wine, well crafted.

Our winemakers work diligently to craft Austerity with all of the character expected of premier appellation wines - yet non of the excess. Sourced from select coastal vineyards, Austerity wines are crafted to be full-bodied, complex, elegant, sophisticated and affordable. Austerity prides itself on offering expressive, fruit-forward wines of exceptional value. They are perfect pairing for everyday meals or any special occasion.

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