Perseverance Wines

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Parlier, CA, USA

It is often said that great wines are grown, not made. This colloquialism emphasizes the importance of not only selecting the best vineyards up and down the coast of California for our wines, it honors our winegrowers; the ones who make skilled decisions about the day-to-day care of the vineyard to deliver the best fruit possible.
It is essential that the winemaker and winegrower bond in their common vision and work together while making the artful decisions it takes to make great wine. This task is not often easy. Every growing season delivers a new set of challenges as well as an opportunity to manage the curve balls Mother Nature may send our way. This wine is aa tribute to the never-ending daunting task of the people in the winery and vineyard who persevere and rise to overcome these ever-changing challenges to deliver a great bottle of wine.

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