All-Wise Meadery (Supplier)

2019 show front
Domestic producer
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

About All-Wise Meadery (Supplier)

Founded in 2018, All-Wise Meadery was created on the fundamentals of creating dry, modern meads. Co-founders Dylan Sprouse and Matt Kwan sought to break down the barriers of mead and dive head first into the broader market. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, AWM is in a prime spot to cater to the modern drinker.

Dylan Sprouse is the head-mazer and CEO of the company. His acting and fashion world expertise brings the mead category much needed mainstream media coverage as well as a younger face to the alcohol scene. All recipes come from Dylan as his experience in the brewing industry comes from mead. Always trying to brew dry meads since the young age of 16, he found that there was a lack of that in the commercial market which was the launching point of the conception of All-Wise.

Matt Kwan is college friends with Dylan and has a background in finance. Taking on a broader role as CFO and COO, he uses his background in the commercial banking industry to better analyze the alcohol market and find trends that work right with our meads. Matt finds most of his interests in the company at optimizing production operations and supply chain analytics which helps the company run smoothly as possible.

All-Wise believes in the philosophy of the highest quality meads from sourcing the highest quality local ingredients. Natural wine, kosher, gluten free, organic - you name it, we got it. This is partly why mead is already the next big trend.

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