Rive Gauche Wine Co

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About the company

Hi. We’re Rive Gauche [“reev / GŌHsh”], a purveyor of mindfully made wines in the state of GA.

Totally convinced by wine’s ability to enliven any situation—the momentous night out, the home-cooked meal, the raucous Sunday brunch turned all-day affair—we’ve made it not only our business but our life’s pursuit to understand why it tastes the way it tastes. The bottles in this book have made a significant impact on us as drinkers and as humans, which is why we have endeavored to bring them home and make them accessible to folks in our local community, too. In doing so, we also strive to advocate for the people who contribute their hard work and sensibility—the winemakers, farmers, pruners, pickers and forklift drivers—so that they can keep doing what they do: capture the essence of a place in liquid form.