City Moonlight

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About the company

City Moonlight W&L was born from a Dream, while making plans and sharing ideas for the future, a spark crossed two minds simultaneously. It was a summer night in New Jersey, the New York City skyline was visible from the coast. The moon shown brightly, guiding their way, and wine was working its magic. Some say that the best ideas are conceived when least expected, relaxing with a glass of wine, and great wine was present that beautiful night when Juan Carlos and Diego envisioned this project. Juan Carlos, a seasoned wine sales professional for decades and Diego, born and raised into five generations of viticulturists and winemakers, simultaneously acknowledged a question that had made an abrupt appearance, one that would change both there lives and many others forever.

They already had the vineyards, the winery, the exporting capability and the vast knowledge required in the market. City Moonlight had the capacity to offer something new to the industry: the promise of importing an outstanding selection of wines with a high quality to value ratio at a great cost savings by removing the middle man and aggressive marketing plans to support sales in the place that matter the most: The retail point.
Simply stated: from vineyard to table.

Thanks to the support of support of the most dynamic sales representatives in the industry, in a few amazing years the concept steadily grows, with an expanding portfolio that continues to innovate and discover wines that impress and challenge the senses. Our dream is to bring joy through providing quality wines into people’s lives.

Additional information

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