Pinnacle Imports

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About the company

An Established Company with Fresh Ideas

Pinnacle Imports was established in 1999 to satisfy the growing need in Missouri for the products of the finest artisanal wineries from around the world. We provide suppliers with a foundation on which to build a significant demand for their wines statewide. We have a unique combination of passion for the product, extensive business experience, and a willingness to spend the time to educate the market. Our focus on the stars of today, and those of tomorrow, makes us uniquely suited to build awareness and fire enthusiasm for the finest wines. Because many of the wines we distribute are produced in tiny quantities, our enthusiastic and friendly staff works diligently to place wines where they will provide the highest levels of visibility and customer satisfaction. With physical locations in St. Louis and Kansas City and sales coverage across the center of the state, Pinnacle Imports provides statewide distribution and local, “boots on the ground” experience.

At Pinnacle Imports we choose not to make the compromises inherent in distributors who deal with large production suppliers. We spend our energies working closely with the top restaurants, retailers, and private clubs in Missouri. Our frustration with the state of the wine business today is the abundance of multi-state distributors whose only purpose is the shipping of boxes from point A to point B. These entities consider their customers a means to maintain good relations with the big box suppliers of the wine world. We believe that our relationship with any supplier should be based on trust. Instead of packing our book full of producers and selling only a wine or two from each, we work closely with our suppliers, supporting their entire line-up. This practice is the foundation of our business.

Pinnacle Imports exists as both distribution channel and educator, devoting our time to rare, often unusual, and always exceptional wines from around the world. We emphasize to our customer that value can be found at any price! The question we ask ourselves when we taste a wine is not whether a market already exists for the wine, but whether one should exist. It only takes time and the willingness to educate servers, retailers, and the general public, to create demand for a good wine.

We only represent products we believe are the very finest, and our reputation in the community is founded firmly on this single belief. If a Pinnacle Imports sales representative walks through a customer’s door, it is with a bottle of wine to taste from, and the time to make sure that everyone who might have a hand in selling that bottle has a chance to try it. We treat each wine as if it were an extension of the person who produced it; armed with the answers to every question our customers might ask.