Stelvio Selections

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Stelvio selections
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3239 9th Street
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About the company

What’s in a name? In the case of Stelvio, the name captures my life’s passions. Apart from distributing wines in Colorado, I am currently racing my tenth year as a professional cyclist. Picking up the cycling bug as a teenager opened a lot of doors for me, namely the ability to see the world from the seat of my bike. From an early age, I fell in love with Europe and, of course, it’s infectious wine culture.

It seemed that every race I participated in toured around some of the most famous sites for growing wine. From the region of Friuli in the Giro d’Italia to the Rhone Valley in Paris-Nice, I just couldn’t avoid fabulous wine. And I have yet to find a great growing site that wasn’t also perfectly suited for riding a bike.

The parallels do not stop there. I chose the name Stelvio after the iconic climb in the Italian Alps, the Passo della Stelvio. Its brutal slopes and endless switchbacks form a natural selection every time a race traverses it. The secret to being a great cyclist is learning to be smart and obviously fit enough to make those selections to win at the top of the 9,000-foot peak. To do this we rely on a team of trainers, coaches and staff to help better ourselves.

I've set this business up with that exact same mind set. The wine world is far to vast to tackle solo, so I've relied heavily on the help of some of the brightest minds in our industry - Bobby Stuckey, MS and Brett Zimmerman, MS. Mr. Stuckey has been instrumental with anything from Italy, and this venture wouldn't be possible without Mr. Zimmerman's guidance. With their help, I've been fortunate enough to find valued wines from sacred sites.

- Craig Lewis