Simple Farmer Wines

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Simple farmer
Liquor license number
100 Lexington Drive, Suite 210
Buffalo Grove
Minimum order
3 cases
Order cutoff times
5:00 PM
Case breaking fee

About the company

Our work at Simple Farmer Wines is based upon the many friendships we have forged over the past 30 years with some superb grape growers and winemakers.  These friends are true artisans, in the original (pre-McDonalds era) sense: they employ their experience, creativity and skills in the name of producing distinctive wines which are culturally true and regionally recognizable.  The work is hard, but the Simple Farmer knows what needs to be done.  

Whether the wines come from the U.S., South America, France, Italy or elsewhere, they share this Simple Farmer culture. It is a pleasure to introduce you to these wines, and thereby, to our friends.

Additional information

Minimum of $300 OR 3 cases

Price structures summary:
LIST PRICE: you only buy bottles
1 CASE: 1 shelf placement or wine list placement
3 CASES: small stacking or by the glass

Every day delivery, provided orders are called in before 4:30p.m.
Wines are stored at Chilled Solutions in a refrigerated warehouse
Delivery in refrigerated trucks/vans