Serendipity Wines

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X 650231
2314 Rutland Drive Suite 215
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About the company

Serendipity Wines represents wines from around the USA and the world and distributes them to specialty markets, wine shops and restaurants throughout Texas & California. We emphasize terroir-based wines that reflect the winemaker's dedication to quality and uniqueness, chosen with care from the old world and the new. Selection, selection, selection. So important in today's world of numerous wines being produced as bottom line commodities rather than expressions of art, love of the land and vine, and craftsmanship.

Adding to our wonderful selection of wines, we also endeavor to be the best we can be at being a reliable business partner to our wine customers. We operate climate-controlled warehouses in the three largest metro areas of Texas with entire state delivery coverage.

We work passionately, relentlessly and creatively to deliver great service We treat our customers and suppliers business as if it were our own We build relationships through openness, empathy and inclusiveness We encourage and celebrate curiosity, ambition, and achievement We take the time to plan so we can perform at our best We do the right thing

Build a great business that allows our customers, suppliers, and employees to explore other cultures and better connect through wine and spirits

Mission Statement
Bringing the world closer by delivering great terroir to your table