Lirette Selections

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About the company

Lirette Selections is one of Louisiana's newest wine and spirits importer and wholesale distributor. Founded in 2008, Lirette Selections has emerged as an integral source for some of the finest wine and spirits brought into the state. Our interest in wine and spirits was inspired by food, and energized by the culture, history, people, and places that give these meaning.

The dirty boots of our logo signify a certain work ethic and belief. Our vision is similar to that of the small wine growers who are often found farming in their boots. One will also find this ideology and gustatory spirit in the best restaurant and retail operations around our great state where the proprietors, chefs and merchants are present every day in the trenches. We revere this approach and have adopted it at the import and distribution level. We strive to give the best possible service and knowledge of our product making sure that every step is carefully thought out to the final delivery and follow up.

We seek wines that are made as they were many years ago before excessive manipulation, improperly used technology, or toasty oak ruined them. They should be exciting, enlightening, and enjoyable to drink.

Wine should come from a place. It should be crafted carefully, honestly, naturally and authentically. And most of all it should be enjoyed. As a bonus, the same is true of our spirits and beer selections.

Our portfolio is versatile, large yet focused and our group of quality minded partners include the best in the business. They and our customers are the ones that enrich life and our lifework.

We hope you find what we have to offer useful.