Mountain Peoples Wine Distributing

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About the company

Mountain Peoples Wine Distributing is celebrating over 20 years as the leading organic wine distributor in California. Many people wonder where we got the name ‘Mountain Peoples’ as it does not seem to fit the typical profile of a Wine Distribution Company. Michael Funk founded MPWD as an extension of his Natural and Organic Food Distribution business, Mountain People’s Warehouse -- now called United Natural Foods Inc. As one of the pioneers and leaders in the Organic Food business, he has strived to build the Organic Industry his whole life. In the early 1990’s, he noticed there was no distribution of Organic Wine and Beer, but he was sure there was a market for it. He already possessed the organic food distribution model with Mountain People’s Warehouse and believed it was important to make available high-quality Organic Wine and Beer to his customers in order to further the growth of the Organic Industry and to provide consumers with Organic choices. He started to work with small wineries like Frey, Nevada County Wine Guild, La Rocca, Hallcrest and others to start to build a portfolio of Organic Wines. We left the fold of United Natural Foods Inc. over 10 years ago and are an independent family-run distributor focused on providing California with the largest selection of Organic Wines available.

We seek to change the way people think about organic wine and offer the most complete line of organic wines available. We believe in working with small family wineries, importers and farmers who are committed to producing the highest quality organic wine while caring for the planet and the palate.